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My mission is to serve as many people as I possibly can in this journey of life, helping them move beyond their limiting beliefs; working away from problems to possibilities, turning meaningless lives into meaningful ones.

I want you to know that I have an understanding and appreciation for the struggle of this journey of life. Yes I have been there before and the journey continues. Getting into the possibility mind-set is what really matters. It is not about changing yourself, it is about becoming yourself, it is about making life work for you as an individual.

It is my pleasure to accompany my clients in their process of achieving fulfilment by living their lives according to their unique mission, values and purpose. Helping people consciously choose attitudes, activities and behaviours they want in their lives whilst remaining focused in the here and now helps to provide a balance and engagement in their lives.

When you begin to make changes within yourself or pursue any kind of assistance, you make a decision to move your life forward – any single change you make, regardless of how small it might look, this does impact all other areas of your life. For example when you choose to take actions towards improving your personal growth, you feel growth in other areas such as spiritual, physical and relational.   

What else?

When you become so busy that you do not successfully prioritise your commitments, choosing to live the life you want becomes a very low priority. I see my role as a personal trainer, helping you to stay focused on a vision of long-term excellence in your life by supporting you through the process of taking the steps to get your goals. My work with you involves a powerful partnership providing structure, accountability, support and feedback. I do this by holding you to your deadlines, commitments and promises that you make to yourself to ensure that you attain your desired goals.

I also work with young people steering them away from a problem frame to an outcome frame. Helping then to focus on possibilities and outcomes.

Accepting things as they are can bring that long awaited relief. We sometimes have a tendency of fighting against our distressing feelings and thoughts but we can learn to just notice them and let them go. You can allow those thoughts and feelings just to be, they will pass. Some situations in life we can't just change, we can choose our approach to surfing those waves rather than resisting. 

Just imagine what your life might look like being the person you are capable of becoming. What would your life look like if you change your limiting beliefs to new motivating beliefs? Are you ready to take your journey of life to the next level? Are you ready to uncover and embrace who you really can be?


To talk about how I can be of help to you just call 07921 087508 to explore the possibilities. I would be excited and grateful to have an opportunity of working with you in this capacity ان شاءالله.



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